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States, Countries & Cities    video instructions for geography drills    
start - USA States - Learn names and pronunciations      print map
start - North American Countries & Pronunciations    print map
start - South American Countries & Pronunciations    print map
start - European Countries & Pronunciations     print map
start - African Countries & Pronunciations     print map
start - Asian Countries & Pronunciations      print map
start - Pronounce Countries (turn on speakers or use earbuds)   print
start - Canadian Provinces & Territories      print map
start - Australia and region      print map
start - Name the Continents      print map
start - USA State Capitals and Other Cities      print map
start - Capital Cities of Europe      print map
start - Capital Cities of Asia      print map
start - Capital Cities of Mexico, Central and South America    print map
start - Capital Cities of Africa      print map
Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Deserts, Other Bodies of Water
start - North America - Rivers, Lakes and Mountain Ranges      print map
start - South America - Rivers, Lakes and Mountain Ranges      print map

Music      video instructions for music drills
start - Name that note! (treble cleff only)
start - Name the note for each key on the piano!
start - Notes on the Guitar Fretboard      print guitar fretboard
start - Play Guitar Notes - Read Music Drill     
start - Name that guitar chord!     print chord chart
start - Name that piano chord!     print chord chart
start - Major Diatonic Scales Drill     Handout

Video Guitar Lessons (with printable handouts)
start - Basic Guitar Chords 1 Video Lesson   
start - Basic Guitar Chords 2 Video Lesson   
start - Playing Notes on a Guitar   
start - Playing Lead Guitar for Beginners
start - Lead Guitar with 5 Pentatonic Scales
start - Tips for Song Leaders

Video Piano Lessons with Amy    
start - Learn Basic Piano Chords     handout

Amy's Practical Vocabulary    video instructions for vocabulary
start - List 1    PDF Study Guide
start - List 2    PDF Study Guide
start - List 3    PDF Study Guide
start - List 4    PDF Study Guide
start - List 5    PDF Study Guide
start - List 6    PDF Study Guide
start - List 7    PDF Study Guide
start - List 8    PDF Study Guide
start - List 9    PDF Study Guide
start - List 10    PDF Study Guide
start - List 11    PDF Study Guide
start - List 12    PDF Study Guide
start - List 13    PDF Study Guide
start - List 14    PDF Study Guide
start - List 15    PDF Study Guide

Video songs that will bless you    
start - Be a Champion
start - Bitter or Better
start - The Plan
start - Pretty Lady
start - Your Intimacy
start - Come Away - sung by Amy Sobek
start - Burning Ones - sung by Amy Sobek

Listen to Songs by Steve Sobek    (owner of Amy's Flashcards)
I Will Be With You
A Child Was Born in Bethlehem


Mental Math Drills      Video instruction for mental math drills
  video instructions    tip
start - Add Level 1 (0 to 5 like 3 + 5)
start - Add Level 2 (1 to 7 like 6 + 7)
start - Add Level 3 (2 to 9 like 4 + 9)
start - Add Level 4 (2 to 19 like 12 + 19)
start - Add Level 5 (2 to 99 like 37 + 91)
start - Add Level 6 (11 to 999 like 234 + 926)
Multiplication   video instructions    tip
start - Multiply Level 1 (0 to 5 like 4 x 5)
start - Multiply Level 2 (2 to 7 like 6 x 7)
start - Multiply Level 3 (2 to 9 like 8 x 9)
start - Multiply Level 4 (11 to 19 like 13 x 17)   tip
start - Multiply Level 5 (like 5 x 83)
start - Multiply Level 6 (like 3 x 243)
start - Multiply Level 7 (like 35 x 35)    tip
Subtraction       tip
start - Subract Level 1 (1 to 9 like 9 - 4)
start - Subract Level 2 (2 to 19 like 17 - 9)
start - Subract Level 3 (2 to 99 like 93 - 47)
start - Subract Level 4 (2 to 999 like 745 - 251)
start - Division Level 1 (Example: 42 / 6)
start - Division Level 2 (Example: 72 / 8)
start - Division Level 3 (Example: 245 / 7)

Bible Drills           video instructions for Bible drills
Learn the Books of the Bible
      (with audio pronunciation - Turn on speakers)
start - Name Old Testament Books     print list of books
start - Name New Testament Books     print list of books
start - Video Song to Learn the Books of the Bible     lyrics & guitar chords

Learn the Ten Commandments
start - Ten Commandments Drill     print 10 Commands

Memorize important scriptures related to salvation
start - Salvation Memory Verse Drill     NIV Guide     NKJV Guide     ESV Guide

Learn Cities from the Bible
start - New Testament City Drill     Bible City Handout

Learn Bible History - Get the Big Picture
start - Bible History Drill     Bible History Handout

Learn what the Bible tells us about Jesus
start - Do you know Jesus?     Printable Study Guide
start - Scripture Memory Drill     Printable Study Guide

Resources for Educators   
These are not drills. They are PDF files that will be helpful to teachers and homeschool parents. Most of them have form fields that allow you to type onto the form before printing. Be sure to save the PDF file onto your computer.
Graph Paper
Flash Card Maker
Game Board
2015 Calendar - Standard Paper Size
2015 Calendar - 11 inches by 17 inches
Teacher Lesson Plan Form    
Homeschool Daily Log Form
Weekly Planner
Gradebook Page
School Incident Report
Seating Chart 5 by 6
Seating Chart 6 by 5
Seating Chart 6 rows by 6 columns